Silence Undone

directed by Kristjan Knigge

A visually daring short film, inspired by a true story of the Dutch actress and scriptwriter Linda Jacobsen. The film portrays a young woman’s confronting inner journey of opening up towards a meaningful relationship years after experiencing sexual abuse as a child.

Silence Undone is created to empower those who struggle to build trust and connection due to past trauma.

Discover the story

As a child, Sophie was sexually abused by her stepfather. Out of self-blame and attempt to be protected, she built an emotional wall, living a life of isolation and limited trust towards others.

Today, 20 years later, she is in love with Matthew, but keeps pushing him away. The only way this relationship can be saved is for Sophie to go on a courageous journey inward, face her younger self and break the silence that was kept inside for years.

Bigger than a film

The project is brought to life by an international set of artists based in the Netherlands, who are passionate to create inspiration to those who struggle to build connection and trust due to hurtful experiences in the past.

Linda’s experience

“I want to empower others and show that traumatic past circumstances should not dictate their future. Let’s agree upon not letting our fears come between us and face them together.”

– Linda Jacobsen

Behind the scenes


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