Directed by Kristjan Knigge

In order to fully embrace a loving relationship for the first time in her life, an emotionally closed woman delves deep into her subconscious to overcome the deep-rooted fears and paralysing shame from her past.

The story

Silence Undone introduces us to Sophie, a troubled and emotionally distant young woman, learning to open up about her childhood traumas and accept that her past shouldn’t define her future.

We meet her as she’s dressing  to head home after intercourse. Her boyfriend, Matthew,  asks her to stay for once, but she tells him she cannot.

Later that night she takes a risk and explores her mind-maze made of memories and fears as she searches for a guide. She meets her eleven year self and realises she needs to choose to open up about the dark events of her youth that have shaped and constrained her ability to live, love and be loved.

This is a story about the horror of abuse, but even more it’s about the importance of self-acceptance and strength in vulnerability. It is based on a true story…

Bigger than a film

The project is brought to life by an international set of artists based in the Netherlands, who are passionate to create inspiration to those who struggle to build connection and trust due to hurtful experiences in the past.

Writer’s words

“I want to empower others and show that traumatic past circumstances should not dictate their future. Let’s agree upon not letting our fears come between us and face them together.”

– Linda Jacobsen

Behind the scenes


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