Overview of available help. Go to their website.

Stichting Project Speak Now

Healing from sexual abuse by talking about it. Go to their website or their online community where live chats are regularly held.

Mind Correlatie

Professional help or advice. Go to their website.

Centrum Seksueel Geweld

Professional help for anyone who recently got into contact with unwanted sexual experience. Go to their website.

Slachtofferhulp Nederland

Direct help for victims. Go to their website or call 0900-0101.

Veilig thuis

Place to report domestic violence and child abuse. Go to their website or call 0800-2000, even when in doubt.

Blijf Groep

Help for everyone involved in domestic violence. Go to their website.


Helpline for children to ask any questions they have. Go to their website or call 0800-0432.