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Linda Jacobsen

Actress and Screenwriter

Linda Jacobsen is an actress and singer from the Netherlands. After graduating from the ArtEZ Conservatorium in Arnhem in 2013, Linda started her career at one of the Netherland’s most prestigious street performance institutions – Close Act Theatre. Since then, she has gained an international acting experience in various plays across the world. Linda has also acted in several short films such as “Jagershart”, “Benjamin Hops” and “De Groenteman”. Some of her current projects include films “Welcome to Earth” and “Raging Warrior”.


Kirsten Knigge


Ayrton Kirchner

Ayrton Kirchner


Ayrton Kirchner is a Dutch actor born and raised in Curaçao. After graduating from the acting school ITS DNA, he pursued his Bachelor in Acting at HKU (School of Arts Utrecht). Since 2016 he has been performing in many theatrical plays, series and (short) movies including ‘Morgen is er zon’ (2016), ‘Moordvrouw’ (2017), ‘Flikken Maastricht’ (2018) ,’Undermind’ (2018) and several more.


Sytse Faber


Sytse Faber is a Dutch actor, who studied acting for film and tv at Theaterschool De Trap. After graduating in 2012 he started doing all different kinds of films, being on set at least once a month is a goal that he had and is still maintaining to do. In total he’s worked on around 150 different (short) films, commercials, and other projects, both in Dutch and English, getting multiple nominations and wins for his work. Most recently he was cast in “The Forgotten Battle” (“De Slag om de Schelde”), which will be released in the cinema’s, tv and Netflix in November 2020.


Kristjan Knigge


Kristjan Knigge was born in Denmark. He grew up in the Algarve in southern Portugal, England and now lives and works in Amsterdam. During his professional career, Kristjan has been part of various creative projects and gained experience in production management, editing, special effects, and movie direction. The director’s work includes various commercials, corporate films, music videos, a full-length documentary and over a dozen short films, including the acclaimed and awarded short film “Stiltegebied”. He is also known for his international feature films like the comedy-drama “The Right Juice” and the psychological thriller “Second Honeymoon”, for which Kristjan received the Trailblazer Award in the Flyway Film Festival in the USA.

Magdalena Lepczynska


Magda is een Poolse video en film producente en woont en werkt momenteel in Amsterdam. Magda’s ervaring in verschillende disciplines van filmmaken heeft haar vaardigheden van zowel partnership en talent management gevormd, als die van creatieve productie en uitvoering. Haar werk omvat films als “Your Hair is Cute” en “If Only Nothingness Was a Thing”, beiden geschreven en geregisseerd door Cintia Taylor, “Chinese Entrepreneurship for Dummies” geregisseerd door Niels de Vries en meer.

BJ Boulter

Productie Designer

Vlak nadat haar familie naar Portugal verhuisde, verliet BJ in 1961 haar thuis in Tanganyika om te kunnen studeren aan het Saint Martin’s School of Art en Lucie Clayton School of Design in London. Haar levenslange carrière als productie designer en line producer heeft haar meegenomen over de wereld bij het maken van films en TVC’s. Naast Portugal heeft BJ in Hong Kong, Sydney, Johannesburg, Nairobi en Amsterdam gewoond. Producties hebben haar nog verder weg genomen met regelmatige bezoekjes aan de Verenigde Staten, Engeland, Oost Afrika en Zuid Amerika. Doorgespoeld naar 2012 waarin Kristjan Knigge voorstelde een indie film in de Algarve te maken. Co-producerend met Chris Parker en Kristjan als regisseur werd "The Right Juice" in 2014 uitgebracht. Sindsdien is ze met film-pensioen en is ze een langverwachte kans om te schilderen aan het nastreven. Haar kunstwerk en schetsboeken kunnen bekeken worden op Her artworks and sketchbooks can be viewed on

Erik Bannenberg


Erik went to filmschool in Amsterdam. His graduation film won the cinematography award in Brussels. His experience includes various work on commercials and corporate films. In recent years, Erik has worked as an executive coach for teams in several Dutch companies.

Dick Merx


Dick Merx is a professional Cinematographer, his experience includes feature films, shorts, television series and many commercials. His sensitivity and understanding of film craft results in creating beautiful pictures. Dick worked with Kristjan before on two features and many other projects resulting in strong collaboration and distinctive work ethic.

Aline Bruijns

Sound Designer

Aline has a never ending drive to create sound design that enriches a soundtrack and that elevates the story. As a jazz vocalist (and multi-instrumentalist), she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree at the Conservatory in Enschede (the Netherlands) in 2004. She continued at the HKU (school of the Arts Utrecht) in Hilversum and got a Master of Arts Degree in Sound Design in 2007. She’s the CEO and sound designer of audio post production company AudioRally Sounddesign since 2009. In 2019 she got admitted as an International member of the motion picture sound editors organisation (MPSE), and became chapter director of Soundgirls Netherlands.

Anita Rosenberger

Wardrobe designer & stylist

Anita started her career in 2010 as a stylist assistant at the hungarian ‘X-factor’, and worked hand in hand with one of the leading designers in the country. While pursuing her studies in styling and design, she worked on various projects such as reality and political shows, report magazines and documentary series. In her career, Anita has worked on several known tv-shows including ‘Budapest day and night’, ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’ (British licenced TV show) and ‘X-Factor’.

Colina van Bemmel

Director’s Assistant

Colina is a filmmaker and editor from The Netherlands. She graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts (Base for Experiment Art and Research, 2015) and the SAE Institute (Film Production and Directing, 2018). Since then she is working independently as well as taking on different roles in a wide range of film productions.

Chris Parker

Executive Producer

Chris, originally from Los Angeles and now living in Amsterdam, comes from a commercial and corporate background. He has worked on various projects with Kristjan Knigge, including “The Right Juice” and “Second Honeymoon”, and is excited to support the crew of “Silence Undone” in bringing this really important message to life. He adds decades of commercial experience to the team and is supporting with legal, budget strategy as well as distribution activities.

Kitija Rubike

Marketing and Comms Manager

Kitija is marketing en brand strateeg uit Letland en woont en werkt momenteel in Amsterdam. Her experience lays in international communications, partnership and media relations as well as creative concept building and production. “Silence Undone” contributes to her passion for film industry as well as the belief that art has the power to inspire and move our world towards better. To bring a bigger positive impact and empowerment, Kitija is here to introduce the project to an audience internationally and connect with anyone who is interested in a collaboration. 

Tomas A. Dulfer

1st Assistant Director

Tomas has a lifelong passion for film. He received his Bachelors and Masters degree in Film and Visual Culture from the University of Amsterdam. Tomas works as a freelance filmmaker, production manager and first Assistant Director. He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam (ASCA), working on a research that focused around representation of Amsterdam in post-war international films.

Kenneth van Bochove

1st AC

Kenneth van Bochove is a Dutch-Caribbean filmmaker born in Aruba and currently living and working from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Although young at age, Kenneth has experienced a lot in life. This has enabled him to grasp the essence of a story and translate this to impacting imagery. He has dedicated himself to digital filmmaking, communication and multimedia design.
His motto is that “life is a thing, when you learn, you grow”. He does not only believe his motto, he lives it through educating and improving himself and others close to him.

Martin van Drunen

2nd AC

Martin van Drunen grew up in Ecuador. He studied Graphic Design, but soon realised the needed to tell the stories through moving images. His ambition is to become Director of Photography for films, and work with great Directors. Martin worked on feature films such as “Juana azurduy”, “Dedicada a ami Ex”, “Jackie en Oopjen” and “XII”.

Lucas Kauter

Best Boy Gaffer

Lucas Kauter is half German and half Portuguese. He is currently pursuing his passion for filmmaking in Amsterdam. With his studies, he gained knowledge in various aspects of filmmaking, specialising in cinematography. He’s been responsible for the lighting department in various short movies such as “Pricetag”, “Etenstijd”, “Hangul Blues & Sunset” and “Cinematographer of Maracas tambourines and other hellish things”. Working for two years in the production company Mønaerk as camera operator and video editor has given him an understanding of the Dutch market in branding and commercial videos.

Elfie van de Mosselaer

Set Dresser Assistant

Elfie is a young aspiring Director and Art Director from the Netherlands. After studying 2 years at the Dutch Filmers Academy, Elfie decided to take a year off to gain more experience on the set. She has done projects like music videos, short films and is currently working on her own short film called “Moederlief”.

Tara Bisoen


Tara is a filmmaker with notable experience in various technical areas of movie production, including working as a Grip and Gaffer. Her biggest passion lies within work on light design. Outside of the movie industry, Tara is also a gymnast, competing at a national level and helping young professionals to develop their choreographed routines.

Joost Cauberg


Joost is an aspiring Director of Photography with a degree in Robotics. After his studies he decided to chase his passion for filmmaking and gain broad experiences on set. Joost was an intern at Mark Roberts Motion Control in London, where he worked within R&D as a support on set. In the Netherlands, he has worked on various projects within the camera and grip department. Joost is known for his high drive for quality results, always going the extra mile and thinking outside the box.

Guy Dagan

Location Manager

Guy is an Israeli filmmaker based in Amsterdam, who, in the recent years, has received a B.A degree in Digital Filmmaking from the SAE Institute Amsterdam. 

With a strong passion for cinema and a never-ending drive for self-development, Guy explores the world of filmmaking through every arised opportunity. While working on the physical production process and VFX appeals to him the most, Guy will gladly participate and help with various aspects of the filmmaking and explore his passion for the industry even further.

Vitalij Kuzkin

Sound Recordist

Vitalij has a lifelong passion for music and sounds. He is an audio engineer and field recordist from Vilnius, currently living and working in Amsterdam. He has gained experience while working as recordist on films, commercials and other media, capturing immersive audio in the field for sound fx libraries and art projects.

Remy Visser

Sound Recordist

Remy is a freelance Sound Recordist and Designer based in the Netherlands, who originally started off his studies and career as a social worker. Driven by his strong passion for sound engineering and film, as well as joined by a group of art-loving friends, Remy started working on short movie projects in his free time. 

Throughout the years, his love for filmmaking and sound only grew stronger, therefore he followed his passion to work on this full time. Now, Remy is part of a creative collective based in The Hague called ‘Reform Studio’, where he contributes to various video productions- from commercials to fiction.

Sarah Rome

Productie Assistent

Sarah is a freelance filmmaker skilled in video editing, videography, and production management. She grew up in the US, Canada, and the UK before moving to Amsterdam in 2012 for her studies in the Humanities and Media & Film. Having also trained at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, Sarah loves putting her skills to use in international environments, for projects that fight taboos and promote healthy social and environmental interactions.

Ime Witte

Productie Assistent

Ima is geboren en opgegroeid in Amsterdam. Momenteel leert hij over de verschillende aspecten van design en werkt hij aan een project dat een platform biedt voor andere creatieven, om hun verhaal te vertellen en verkopen. Ime heeft een diepe passie voor film, en neemt alle mogelijkheden aan, waaronder het werk voor Stilte Ongedaan.

Olivier Tilanus

Productie Assistent

Olivier’s droom is om zijn levendige ideeën en scenario’s in krachtige beelden, door te studeren op de Amsterdamse Filmacademie en een carrière in film na te jagen. Momenteel bouwt Olivier aan zijn ervaring door aan verschillende onafhankelijke producties en visuele initiatieven mee te werken.

Bart Bijzet

Productie Assistent

Bart is a freelance filmmaker, based in Rotterdam. After studying Communication, he knew his passion lays in the video production. Through an internship and various creative projects Bart gained experience to start working for clients. Mainly working independently, but a team effort, combined skills and creativity, makes the process of filmmaking (also himself), really come alive.

Lennert Antonissen

Set Photographer

Lennert Antonissen is a freelance photographer. As a self-taught photographer he developed his own style and signature. With a portfolio that effortlessly navigates between fashion and portraiture, Lennert draws his own level in creating highly original images that are filled with spontaneous energy.

Kagan Sozen

BTS Videographer

Kagan Sozen is a film production student and an editor for an international film festival. Also currently enrolled in his last year of university at the SAE Institute, his skills range from doing post-production work through several softwares to directing and project management.

Shaylan Tsie

BTS Videographer

Shaylan was born in Bandung, Indonesia. At the age of 3 he went to Amsterdam.
He received his bachelor of arts at SAE Institute (Digital Filmmaking in Amsterdam)
Now he’s working autonomously as an all-round camera operator.
Shaylan’s work includes numerous documentaries and activities for crowdfunding.

Adam Bokesch


Based in Nashville TN, Adam Bokesch has spent over 10 years writing, recording and producing music. He excels on and off the road, having experience as a sought after touring and session drummer, as well as a studio owner Engineer and Producer. 

Artists on his roster of collaborations include Emily West, Chely Wright, Drake White, Jon McLaughlin, Gabe Dixon, Marie Hines, Milktooth, The Daybreaks, among others. 

In addition to his collaborations, Bokesch thrives as a solo artist. He writes and records music for film and TV, and has landed original compositions in movies staring James Franco, Abigail Spencer, Wes Robinson and others. Other acclaimed national campaigns that feature his music include Microsoft, ESPN, Ameritrade, MTV, Sony, Triumph Motorcycles, Tesla Motors and the World Wildlife Foundation.

Bokesch has been featured in Paste Magazine, Billboard, Huffington Post, to name a few. He has established himself as a staple in the Nashville community, while expanding his success worldwide.