Letter from the author


When I was nine years old, I was sexually abused by my stepfather for two years. When I turned seventeen, I felt powerful enough to come forward. Therapy helped me to recover from the abuse and for a while I felt free. However, nobody told me that it wasn’t the end of it. My ability to trust people was shattered and I still carried with me deeply rooted beliefs about my worthiness. I was trapped within patterns that I initially created to protect myself. I thought that by not showing my vulnerabilities, I couldn’t get hurt, but this exact belief kept me from building meaningful connections with others and left me lonely. This changed when I met a loving man who made me see that opening up could be safe.

A lot of people still feel ashamed about being abused and carry the burden alone. Now that I have found and reclaimed my voice, I want to empower others and show that such traumatic circumstances in the past should not dictate their future. “Silence Undone” is meant to move these individuals and inspire them to thrive for trust and connection, instead of fear and loneliness. We are social beings, and to live fully and be truly happy, establishing a true connection with others is essential. Because together we experience, create, grow and live. Together.

Our film is based on strong, symbolic images and the universal themes of connection and loneliness, which makes it relatable to so many people. I believe this project has the potential to really make a positive impact, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Linda Jacobsen

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