Abuse survivors about the film

Maximal recognition. Could’ve been my story.

Sexual abuse survivor

Gave me insights in layers I couldn’t reach before

I find it a good film. Short and powerful. But with multiple deeper layers which makes a seemingly “normal” relationship suddenly become very complicated due to the sexual abuse. And that’s put together creatively and skill-fully. It is so confusing in your head. You don’t know. And you’ve shown really well. The child in me was hidden too deeply, because she couldn’t give words to what was done to her. Watching the film gave me insights in layers I couldn’t reach before.

Sexual abuse survivor

I better understand how the abuse affects me today

Silence Undone makes a deep impression. I felt Soph’s fear and with it my own. It gave me a bigger understanding in how the abuse affects me today.

Sexual abuse survivor

It brought me hope

A powerful and hopeful film. The battle is painfully recognisable. It makes my desire to share even greater. Now seeing to eliminate the fear. Watching Silence Undone gives me hope, that sharing can bring you something. Understanding, warmth en being worthy to be cared about.

Sexual abuse survivor

Beautiful and extraordinary film with integrity!

Sexual abuse survivor

Expressive and respectful

It touches me how this is presented in a respectful and at the same time an expressive way (and the title is so fit!). Seeing the movie made me feel connected.

Sexual abuse survivor

Nothing “wrong” with me

Since a long time I’ve cried and I found it so recognisable. There is nothing “wrong” with me. I send the film to my friend, which is a big step for me.

Sexual abuse survivor

Strengthened my drive to be more open

When the film finished I was very quiet for a bit, then followed a deep sigh…. A sigh of simply breathing out, of being allowed to be connected with the other abuse survivors who’d also just watched. Beautiful, intense, recognisable, gentle, loving… all words that come up when I try to describe the impression it gave me. Glad this film is here, I am so grateful for more and more openness, masks that are taken down. I hope it gives even more people faith and strength to not carry it alone anymore. Watching this film gave me even more connection and a drive to persevere my openness (that is there more and more).

Jorien, sexual abuse survivor

Touches me deeply in my process

A “feast” of recognition, how abuse, to yourself, is the evidence for years how you’re unworthy of love and how this affects relationships later on in life. Seeing the film touches me so deeply in my own current process. Wonderful choice of words, so striking. I feel hugely supported, and connected to al those brave women (and men) that dare to go further, and learn to appreciate and love themselves anew.

Sexual abuse survivor

It changed how I look at my relationship

It felt really intense, exactly how it all feels. It also beautifully exploits the parts of the inner child. And that sentence of her boyfriend at the end gave me a beautiful insight. That he wants to be on the same side with her, and not let her fears come between them. This sentence and the conversations with the inner child I take with me and will feel over.

Silence Undone brought me the insight that it’s important to enter into the conversations with my inner child. That is the road towards healing. It also changed how I look and feel towards my relationship. My fear always stood between us. I don’t want that anymore and now I understand how I do want it. Thanks for these beautiful, valuable insights!

Amber Monique, sexual abuse survivor

I feel less alone

Beautifully filmed, recognisable. Seeing the film has brought me a greater sense of connection with other survivors. Thanks to the film I feel less alone in my process.

Ellen, sexual abuse survivor

Lots of recognition

Silence Undone mostly brings me a lot of recognition, the fear what the other will think of you if you tell them, the shame and the feeling of being worthless.

Sexual abuse survivor

I am deeply moved

Sexual abuse survivor

Made me sad but also stronger!

Watching Silence Undone made me sad but also stronger! I now see the importance of sharing your pain. And listening to that innocent little girl.

Marina, sexual abuse survivor

I feel empowered to confront something, despite my fears

This film touched me! It brought me a lot of recognition. The insecurity from way back when that nowadays can still turn up regularly. The hope someone can also react positively and supportive when you tell them. The choice to confront something despite the fear has been strengthened again inside of me.

Sexual abuse survivor